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Annie and Daniel are a middle-aged professional couple who consistently make selfish, ill-conceived and harmful decisions. Keen to get space away from Daniel’s demanding mother, Annie seizes an opportunity to blackmail her licentious boss, and secure a downpayment on a dream home she cannot afford. Meanwhile, Daniel has become pathetically infatuated with his dental patient, and his unreciprocated attraction distracts him to the point of malpractice. 


19 min 11 seconds


35mm, 16mm, Arri Alexa


Best Cinematography - Portland Comedy Film Festival (2019)


Annie - Lesley Harcourt
Daniel - Gerard Gilroy
Ruth - Corinna Marlowe
Melissa - Sofia Barclay


Director - George Graham
Producer - Tom Dexter
Writers - Rosamund Attwood & Tim Dees
Story - Rosamund Attwood

Cinematographer - Fábio Mota
Production Designer - James Reading
Editor - Chloe Hardwick
Sound Design/Dubbing Mixer - Ioannis Spanos
Composer - Adam Price

Production Manager - Alana O'Neill
Production Coordinator - Megan Randle

Production Sound Mixer - Bálint Csáki
1st Assistant Sound - Yuanbo (Robert) Chen

VFX Superivor - Roxana Loncea
Compositors - Nicola Borsari,

Cécile Ceppi & Ysabel King
Colourist - Liz Glennard
Online Editor - Andrea Lo Priore

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